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    Paris Hilton, in Las Vegas Court!


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    Paris Hilton, in Las Vegas Court!

    Post  strevel on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:59 pm

    The nest time you see Paris Hilton modeling, posing and looking so sweet, remember. Remember that she is a drug addicted person (a decision) that lies to cops, and a convicted felon. She so intelligently reached in her bag and cocain fell out. She then looked the cop right in the eye and shared "Its not my purse, its not my cocaine". How many of us run around with someone elses purse or wallet. Common sense will go far in this!

    Remember the sex tape she made. What is she famous for anyhow??

    Is he a "dumb whore"? What are your blunt views on this issue. Read the article below for more info.


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