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    What can I do in Vegas??


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    What can I do in Vegas?? Empty What can I do in Vegas??

    Post  strevel on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:02 pm

    What can I do in Vegas? There is a lot to be done, and not all of it is gambling related. Lets start with just a few....

    1) Las Vegas is an emerald in the desert. Don't forget to see the desert that surrounds that emerald. Drive north towards downtown, turn left at Charleston. There is a Walgreens, a 7-11 and a Wells Fargo bank at that corner. Turn towards the 7-11 and just drive. Soon you will leave the city and go out into the desert. Be ready for a neat experience.

    2) You can get married if you have the license. Nevada has some real liberal marriage laws.

    3) Choose a few clubs to attend. We have them all, for different ages, preferences and excitement levels.

    4) Stroll the Strip. Start at the Stratosphere and walk South along the World Famous, Las Vegas Strip. Take some water and comfortable shoes for your stroll

    5) Take pictures. As you stroll, take pictures. May I suggest a digital camera so you can email them home as well.

    6) Stop and enjoy a meal at the best restaurants in the USA! I have lived in Las Vegas since 1977 and always enjoy a good Vegas meal.

    60 Tell others here what you enjoyed the most. Where was it, what happened that you liked particularly!

    Don, for the best Vegas experience ever! Smile

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