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    Las Vegas sex.... you might not know....



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    Las Vegas sex.... you might not know....

    Post  Admin on Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:15 am

    In another forum a person (and we are all non judgmental adults) asked where people go for sex. While the purpose of this new forum is not to discuss sex only, it is a component of the human nature and the Vegas trip. Let's be open as only mature friends can. People come to Vegas, both men and women, for the sex as well. All preferences.

    If you want to meet people, head down to the casino bars and the pool areas. Don't pay for what you can talk your way into, right. Leave your ID and valuables in the room, just have your key with you so you can get back in.

    For the well seasoned travelers, and you must be in the know for this, there are "Party Buses run by local individuals. You bring your own "everything" from booze to condoms. You leave, for example in the evening and return four or five hours later. Ii is pretty much by invitation only to a pre known group of people. You can subscribe to their newsletters for several hundred bucks a year, and have unlimited sexual experiences. It is also divided by preference. There are Gay, Lesbian and Straight buses. Smile What, you thought all those buses on the freeway and highway was full of grannies visiting Vegas??? Now you can explain all that rocking and motion when it stopped at the ~Jack in the Box. Smile

    Don't pay for hookers, period. They are dangerous and you can get hurt. You can also get free bacteria to give to Mama/Papa at home. Use condoms.

    What are some of your experiences, ideas, views or places?? If you are nervous, sign up again under a fake name and a new created for this group email address. No one will know who you are, but they do want your information that is shared.

    Have fun in Vegas, be safe and experience the time of your life. Life is so short!!


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