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    Words of wisdom from the "Pope"



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    Words of wisdom from the "Pope"

    Post  Benchley on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:30 am

    I give you the following text, cut and pasted from the hated AVLV by none other than "Don xvi". Can you count the number of mistakes (including but not limited to the number duplication. Can it be that Don is really in Las Vegas and his precious Rots are using his computer in Memphis?

    "Here are a few of te filters I pass things through.

    1/ Wake up, show up, pay attention.

    2/Be happy and have fun. Life is a trip, enjoy the journey.

    3/ Learn, master and play by the rules.

    4/Get an education. Knowledge and wisdom re the keys.

    5/Work hard. Work Smart. Never Quit. Nothing good comes easy.
    Never quit

    6/What goes around comes around. Integrity. Never lie, cheat or
    steal, especially yourself.

    7/ Know your weaknesses and overcome them. God gives us weaknesses so we will learn the skills of overcomming them. Weaknesses are our beswt friends.

    8/ Learn a skill, trde or profession that you deeply love, and master

    9/ Avois the "Deadly Sins" (Pride, Envy, Anger, sloth. greed,
    glottony, lust, alcohol and drugs, and "doing wrong hen you know what
    is right!"

    10/Do not judge and learn to forgive. Surrinder to the "win" and your
    "better self".

    11/Never sweat the small stuff, and its pretty much all small small

    12/Treat all withdignityand respect

    12/Acquire patience and respect.

    13/Acquire patience and serenity. Learn to be still and quiet, and
    learn. Focus a clear mind.

    14/ Turn a negative into a positive and learn from the past.

    15/ To thy own self be trueMake what you should do what you are
    doing. Do the right thing when doing the wrong thing is easier.

    16/You gotta believe in yourself, and the good man upstairs that is
    always on your side.

    17/ Learn from others mistakes. You do not have to step in the same
    dog poo they have. Walk around it.

    D xvi in Las Vegas


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    Re: Words of wisdom from the "Pope"

    Post  clickboom on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:03 am

    If I catch them damn dogs on the internet again I will just "look at them really hard"! And if they do it again, ..."I'll look at them even harder"!

    There will be duplication in some of these things. They are a philosophy and not computer generated by a group of people that sit around a desk. Smile It has been my personal philosophy and practice since the 60's, and served me well.

    Et cum spiritu tuo, Benchly. Youz a good man...when ya asleep Smile hahahaha

    D xvi

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